He is one of the finest actors of the current generation and he demands huge remuneration of over 10 lakhs per day. But, the actor has too many starry airs and has a bad reputation of giving tough time to the film makers. Despite several warnings and even banning from Telugu film industry for a while, he didn’t seem to learn from his past mistakes and behaving the same way.

He is none other than the most versatile actor Prakash Raj. The senior actor who was picked for an important role in Mahesh Babu’s Bharath Anu Nenu was giving tough time to the producers and director which forced them to pack up the shoot without even shooting a scene. Being fed up with Prakash Raj’s unprofessional behavior, the team has decided to find an alternative to him and ousted him from the project. Prakash Raj who was an automatic choice for every film maker has now become an alternative. If the actor doesn’t learn from his mistakes, it won’t be too far that he gets totally neglected.