Controversial Tamil actress Oviya, aka Helen Nelson– is one more Tamil Star to enter into Tollywood with her upcoming movie ‘Idhi Naa Love Story’. Young actor Tarun is playing Hero role in this film. Meanwhile, she has become the controversial star in Chennai after quitting the Big BossTamil show after attempting to suicide by jumping into the swimming pool in the Bigg Boss house.
Her fans named them as ‘Oviya Army’ who regretted the way she was forced to leave, citing emotional issues and attempting a suicide by jumping into the swimming pool, something which disturbed her fans greatly. While Kamal Hassan was popular with his one-liners in the way he managed the show, which began on 25th June, he too was accepted only slowly to begin with by the audience.

However, Oviya facing her own set of frictions with the fellow contestants and a romantic angle with Aarav had managed a quick climb in popularity ratings among the audience. With the latter admitting that he kissed the actress to calm her down, enough interest was also built up as she made her final bow from the show.
With her exit, other than a lot of people announcing that they would stop watching the show, numerous reactions have flooded the social media. Actor Rahman of D 16 fame tweeted: “No Big Boss. Thanks to #Oviya for quitting the show. Finally, I got over the addiction of watching the show. Now I have a lot of time to chill.

More reactions were from fellow actors like Simbu who had confessed liking Oviya among all the participants. He was however bugged with a fake account circulating in his name which imputed that he was in love with her.
Now, she is entering Tollywood with pinning hopes. Let us great her All the best for Telugu Film Industry!