final bigg boss

At last, the Day 70 has come. And Bigg Boss came for a Grand Climax. Out of 16 contestants including two wild-card entries, Five are now stood at Winning Track. Today the winner is going to be announced by Host Jr. NTR.

The final contestants are as follows.

  1. Aadarsh
  2. Archana
  3. Hari Teja
  4. Navdeep
  5. Shiva Balaji

final bigg boss

Out of the finalists, the viewers are picking the winner through voting. Today is the final Day.

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3.00 PM – 14 Contestants have reached the Grand Finale Location

6.00PMDevi Sri Prasad Started Stage Performance…

6.12 PM – NTR Entered 🙂

6.21PM – 11.95 Crore Votes polled as NTR disclosed

6.31PM – All Participants including old entered

6.34PM: Sampu interested to do Bigg Boss 2nd Season

7.00PM: Uttama Uchita Salaha Award announced: To Mahesh Kathi

7.14PM: Ayomayam Award Announced to Sampu

7.30PM: Archana Elminated