Chennai: Kajal Aggarwal is a prominent face not just in the movies also in advertisements as the actress has endorsed various brands. On the other side, She was in the news now for promoting the film Nene Raju Nene Mantri. Along with this, she has a bad news to take. Recently, Kajal Aggarwal has lodged a case against one of the leading brands as they aired her commercial after the contract period ended. Kajal is very serious and upset about the same.

The actress earlier had filed a case against VVD Coconut oil for using her name and image even after the contract with the company came to a close. The actress further filed a compensation of 2.5crore for using her name over the years.

The court, however, ruled out in favour of the company and said that as per law an owner of the copyright of a commercial film has every right to exploit the material for 60 years as enshrined under Copyright Act. The court also further asked the actress to bear the court expenses of the company.